Skunk Rescue & Relocation and Animal Help Guide

Rescuing and relocating skunks since 1999!

Looking for help with an animal other than an adult skunk? Try this link. For more animal situations go here.

We are a small business,  located east of Salem, Oregon and have been rescuing and relocating skunks since 1999. Our Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Control Officer number is 100017.

We advocate that you try and live with your local skunks. Wild skunks are very docile creatures and if treated kindly they will pose no problem for you. While they live on your property, they will work for you by eating mice, rats, slugs, bugs and worms.

Give us a call if you have questions and we will be glad to help you!

Our phone number is (503) 362-1239





In the late spring and summer is this time of year you may find orphaned baby skunks. If you do find them and there is not a mother skunk, please call Wildlife Rescue Aid Project at 503-309-0911 or Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center at 503-540-8664.

 As of 2015, we are limiting our business to adult skunks only.


Aug 15 - Mar 15 is the time to relocate any skunks around your home. Although during November and December skunks are in pseudo-hibernation and not active at all.